Mary: An Awakening of Terror

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Mary: An Awakening of Terror

Mary: An Awakening of Terror

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Genuinely scary, and at times both heartfelt and heartbreaking, Mary is a powerhouse of a horror novel, with something important to say. If you look for my bookshelf label "MARY Influences," you can see a whole motley batch o' books that helped inspire MARY. I felt like we were spending 85% of the book in Mary's insecurities instead of any action or outside eeriness being addressed.

I think there was some interesting parts of it (the linkage between Greek mythology and all of that) but it gets buried in this book. It's about taking up space, and the power each of us has to influence the world around us whether we see it or not. This is a bad attempt to be the next Stephen King, the gratuitous violence is pointless, women enact more violence against each other than the men who have power, and the plot holes are as numerous as the specters.She kills her aunt by stuffing porcelain statues down her throat and somehow when she becomes a ghost, she’s cracking jokes and hovering around like this is a Disney movie. I thought this was a novel about a woman who had suffered some trauma or breakdown in her life, now trying to cope with menopause and further emotional and physical upset. I’m a little reluctant to give a concrete number as to the amount of ARCs I got at ALA Annual in June, as the number is staggering and a little out of control. In my case, I get a feeling that I am going to appreciate a book once I begin relating to the characters and to the writing style.

That probably sounds worst than it should, I didn't hate my time with the book I was just mildly bored, the writing wasn't bad but I didn't feel engaged or invested in anything happening. Bottom line is, Cassidy's debut horror novel absolutely struck a chord with me and is definitely worth your time; lots of patriarchal anxiety smashed, tons of gore and blood, epic confrontations and ants! And the comparison to Midsommer was a big reason that I requested it, only to have about…zero parallels to the movie.I am a perimenopausal middle aged woman after all so I felt Mary was like a kindred spirit of sorts. This book goes out to all those bad seeds who have gone beyond their bloom and entered the twilight of their murderous lives. It’s very interesting to imagine the story taking that form—it feels so perfectly suited to being a novel. By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. But being back home brings something ugly and angry back to life in Mary, and she slowly starts to try to investigate the town's history and her connection to a serial killer who was shot dead by the police almost 50 years ago.

Cassidy expertly twists the invisibility and disposability of society’s most vulnerable into qualities ideally suited to a terrifying avenging angel. What you need to know: Mary's body has been going through some changes, she believes this is due to being perimenopausal. My reading experience: At one point in the story, Mary says something to her Aunt Nadine's dog, Chipotle (they say it like chip-oh-dull, haha), and the actress, Jennifer Coolidge got in my mind and stayed for the duration of this book, which was genius.In Arroyo, not only does she tackle her aunt who does nothing but tantalize her instead of helping but also a desert town full of religious freaks and a mysterious history involving a serial killer. It ended up being one of my favorites of last year, and is genuinely one of the most unique/memorable reading experiences period.

Instead, visions of terrifying, mutilated specters overwhelm her with increasing regularity and she begins auto-writing strange thoughts and phrases.With the titular Mary being an unremarkable woman in her late 40s, there's a constant compare and contrast between society's lack of expectation and desire for unmarried women in that age, and her gradual control and understanding over her supernatural power. I also thought that a lot of the aspects he explored in this book in terms of plots, from reincarnation to small town secrets to body horror were all very well done, and came together in unique ways that really got his story across.

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